by soffiagudrun

1. Foodwaves is all about FUN….and food and friends

2. Every course is 3-5 bites (small appetizer size).

3. Presentation is everything.

4. Everyone present takes turn in making a foodwave course.

5. All recipes made must be written down and if possible, photographed.

6. Everyone present grade every dish together, one grade for each dish, graded in m´s, 1 – 5 m´s. 5 m´s being best. (mmmmm).

7. Everyone bring ingredients, not decided ahead what anyone brings. It can be from a potato to lobster tails, few items or many, you choose what to bring.

8. You can use any ingredient you like, what ever someone else brought is yours as well.

9. Everyone must clean after themselves when everyone is done eating your course. Or your group can decide on the next one in the kitchen cleans after the one who was there before him.

10. People are allowed to pair up after everyone has had their turn cooking once. In larger groups people can pair up from beginning.

11. Other guests must not peak at what the cook is preparing.

12. The host opens up their kitchen and you can use any food you find in there.

13. If you really hate cooking or the thought of it makes you anxious, have anyone you like with you in the kitchen to help out in any way you like.

14. You can browse through recipes before going into the kitchen, but try being without looking at them while cooking.

15. Everyone must give their own course a name. And announce it when the present their dish. (Theme song is a bonus)

If you think you´re not the greatest cook on earth or maybe don´t like cooking but love eating, don´t be afraid! And don´t make things complicated, the simplest things can be sooo good.
For fun here are some easy and good recipes people have made. If you´re invited to a foodwave party there´s nothing that says you can´t think a little bit about what you might be able to cook

It´s all about the 3 f´s…fun, friends and food. Foodwaves puts the fun in the food.