ABOUT ME… the beginning of Foodwaves

by soffiagudrun

My name is Soffía. I am an artist and a photographer. I love everything about food. That´s how and why this all started. And I´m so lucky to have a bf who loves my cooking but also loves to cook for me.

I am going to blog about various recipes I cook and recently I started cooking recipes from The Naked Chef with Jamie Oliver. I´ll blog about that as well.

And last but not least here you can read all about the concept behind Foodwaves and theManifesto. Invite friends over and try it!If you want to know about me, you can take a look at my website, or just google me “Soffia Gisladottir”And if you want the whole story behind Foodwaves, keep reading….

The story behind the concept.

One cold October afternoon in Reykjavik, Iceland we were at the supermarket. The city was filled with guest from all over the world, here to crawl between bars listening to music, it was the airwaves festival weekend. ….Instead of spending the money on a pass for Airwaves we spent it at the supermarket. We decided that each of us would put any type of food we´d like in the stroller and not pay too much of attention what each of us was buying.

This was a Friday afternoon. When we got home we decided that we would take turns in the kitchen, cooking appetizer size dishes.

This is the beginning of Foodwaves.

We ate and we had few bottles of red and white. Cooking and drinking until rather late. The morning after we still had lots of food so we decided to keep going, taking turns in cooking those appetizer size dishes.

With the first course that Saturday morning, “the breakfast”, we had a good cold white wine. And after a glass your brain often give you good ideas. We came up with the nameFoodwaves, in sake of it was the Airwaves festival weekend. We ended up staying at home from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, cooking and enjoying good wines all weekend.

We loved this so much, so we´ve had friends over for dinner, and when they arrive we tell them about the concept, everyone has to go to the kitchen and make a dish. And every time it´s been a blast. Some get a little more nervous than others, but always ends up being a total hit!

You don´t have to be the worlds best cook to enjoy Foodwaves, but loving food or love to eat is all you need. Or even just loving to hang out to with your friends and have a drink or two.

We got so thrilled about this so we wanted to make more of it, make it a cult. So the two of us spent another weekend, cooking, eating and drinking and making the concept behindFoodwaves, with Manifesto as well as buying the domain Foodwaves.com.