Books I want to read – about food (not recipes though)

by soffiagudrun

Thank god I don´t have a TV, I have a long list of books I want to read, and SURPRISE, they are all about food.

I got samples on Amazon on my Kindle. And after reading bunch of samples I had to choose which book to buy first.  I made a decision and bought  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

It is a book a bout a family that spends a year eating what they grow and what is growing in their surroundings.

Other books I found interesting and might take a better look at are:

Life in the country over the long weekend was good.  It was so still and pretty, no breeze from the oceon.
On the First day of Summer it snowed a bit in the mountains a cross the fjord.
But after that, all weekend…super duper sweet.