My kitchen – in the making II

by soffiagudrun

Later my kitchen went to stage 2, in the making.  I found a table I  am going to use as an Island an bar stools I like.

All the shelves were made of timber  we used when building the house.  The table around the sink was an old door.

Then we took it all down!

Because we wanted to put up a wall, made of the timber we had outside in the yard.  It was very rustic with no paint on.  We actually had it like that for few months, then we painted it white.

A lot has changed since then, my kitchen looks a lot more like kitchen today. And this wonderful wall ended up green.

and when the kitchen was in this state I didn´t cook any big meals, but I used the panini grill a lot.  And one thing I did was grilling a baguette.  Instead of cutting it in slices I cut it in half, poured some good olive oil, salt and pepper  and then cut it into pieces after I grilled it.  Great snack.  Panini grill is a great invention.