My kitchen – in the making III

by soffiagudrun

Finally I got my gas burners.  Most people in Iceland have electric stoves.  I have always had that, but when living abroad I got used to the gas burners and love cooking on gas.

Here is a photo of my kitchen how it used to be few months ago.  (We are still building the house…)

Then we made a big change.  We put up a timber wall and the other day we painted it green

We are still using the old door as a table by the sink.  It has a character and I love it but will have to replace it next weekend and put a table with tiles.

I have a mood board on pinterest.  Here is a link if you want to take a look.  It´s funny to see how all the the Ideas I collect there actually influence me in the making of my kitchen.

This Idea I found online and  I liked it  obviously.

As you can see below, the lamp and shelves…

My wall was white but I wanted to make it more county stylish so we went for the green for now at least.

Then I found this pink dish rack.  I might paint it in different color one day if I get tired of the pink.  I was going to stack the shelve with dishes but I only have some white ones and they were not dancing.  I need to buy nicer plates for display.  Until then it´s a spice rack and a book shelve.

Next weekend we will do some more work.

So, To Be Continue…