The never ending spring onion

by soffiagudrun

In case you haven´t seen this somewhere on the internet before the I am posting it because it´s cool.  You dont have to buy spring onion again (unless you want to use only the white part).

Use the onion but keep the white part with the roots.  Put it in a glass filled with water.  Within few days you have the gree part growing….FAST!

Then you cut it off as you need.  The green part is so good, cut it small for soups, pasta, Asian food, Mexican,  rice, crepes, baked potatoes….

I change the water almost every day for the sake of freshness : )

You can do the same with a garlic clove, when it got roots stick it in a dirt/soil the brown thing you know… 😛  and in a flowerpot…the spring onion you can keep in water for as long as you like.  Not sure if the garlic is better off with soil or water….