homemade butter – 1 ingredient

by soffiagudrun

It´s so cool to watch heavy cream become butter.  It takes only couple of minutes to happen and within 10 minutes you have your own homemade butter

If you have never tried to make your own butter I recommend you try it, just to see how it´s done and to be able to impress your dinner guests with a homemade butter with that homemade bread you make for starter, like you get at the good restaurants….when you are too full when the main course comes because you ate all the bread and asked for more…

It´s very easy to make this, takes about 10 minutes using a Kitchen aid.  Here in Iceland i am not saving bucks making this myself because heavy cream is rather expensive here compared to a piece of butter.  But it´s fun, cool and interesting and homemade is always best: ) .

Before I tried it. I watched this video.  It shows very well how to do this.  There are lots of videos on youtube  about making butter and you can probably find some about making it with a blender for example.

Homemade butter

  • 1/2 L heavy cream

Whip the cream for 2-3 minutes until the watery  part  (that is a buttermilk) separates. Pour the buttermilk  into a glass.  (But keep it, you can use it for making bread or something).

Now you only have the solid part in the bowl.  Put 1/2 cup ice cold water  in the bowl and use the paddle tool  to get more liquid out of the butter.  Squeeze all the liquid out of the butter with a spoon.

You can see when you got a good piece of butter.  The more liquid you squeeze out the longer you can store the butter they say.

Your butter is ready.  At this point you can add herbs into the blender, or salt or even a bit of good olive oil if you like.  Improvise!