Owl cupcakes

by soffiagudrun

This is very easy to make, specially if you use Betty Crocker or some other cake mix and cake frosting.

This time I tried a  devil´s food cup cake from Martha Stewart.  It was ok, but I like the Betty Crocker cake mix more, it´s so moist.

  • Your favorite cup cake recipe or cake mix.
  • Your favorite chocolate frosting.
  • Oreos.
  • 1 bag of m&m,use the orange and the brown ones.

Make cupcakes, put on the cream, make little owl ears with the cream.

Get the Orieos and take it a part.  One part will have all the white cream.

Put brown m&m on top of the white part of the Oreos to make eyes.

Put orange one between the Oreos to make the beak.

When I lived in Canada I loved the acres of sunflowers.  Something we don´t have here in Iceland, only some in green houses.

I hope summer is treating you well…