Strawberry fruit roll ended up being Strawberry Nori sheet…

by soffiagudrun

I tried making fruit rolls since I am always looking for healthy snacks for kids.  I failed big time this time.  I guess I made it too thin so I ended up with strawberry-paper.

I will try again…

My strawberry-paper looks like pink Nori sheets so maybe I can use it for sushi…hmmmm, strawberry dessert sushi??  Any suggestions for the filling?

Here is a  recipe the way it is supposed to be.  I was going for strawberry fruit roll and used only strawberries.  Everything looked good, the puree was nice and all, I just spread it too thin.

I did not warm the berries first. In the recipe from the link above they do, but I´ve seen other recipes where they don´t.  I don´t know if it is better to warm them up or not.

Doesn´t look good 😛  hahah!

Strawberry fruit roll 

  • 2 boxes fresh strawberries

Puree the berries in a mixer.  Spread the puree ona parchment paper.  Oh oo…Don´t spread it too thin…

Bake for 5 – 8 hours at the lowest heat, my oven was at 50°c.  Keep the oven door slightly open.

If you want to do the strawberry “Nori” sheets, spread the puree very thin  🙂

It´s that time again, it´s getting darker around midnight, so dark I need to turn on the light when I´m reading before going to bed.  This summer has gone by so fast. Time sure flies, and like someone said:

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you´re the pilot.