Egg fried in a slice of red pepper – great presentation

by soffiagudrun

I´ve been collecting stuff on my boards on Pinterest.  Lately I read where someone said it was pointless to pin all those pins and not do anything of what you pin.  I have lots of pins I wanna do, and after reading this I started doing as much as I could of what I pinned.  Therefor I´ve  been trying so many things since I started pinning.

This egg in a slice of  pepper is one of those things.  Typical pin to pin but not try.  So I did this, it worked well and I would totally do this again, specially if I get friends over for some B&B here in the country.

I saw the funniest website where people post photos of what they have made after pinning it.  The result didn´t look as great as what they pinned.  I could post quite a few photos of things I have tried and didn´t look as impressive as the image I pinned…

lots of fun food related stuff at THE HOUSE BY THE SEA …likeedilike