Fäviken – a great book about food with recipes

by soffiagudrun

I just got a great book in the mail.  It is called Fäviken and it is a beautiful  book about food from the chef of a restaurant in Sweden called Fäviken.  This is a book to read as well as recipes.  This is maybe not the typical cookbook with everyday recipes but more about the food he uses and how he cooks.  Gorgeous book.

The Ideas he has and the ingredients are usually something that is easy to find in Iceland as well, this is a raw, seasonal and very farm fresh cooking, using ingredients from around his restaurant that is located near Järpen.

Since I am not going to Sweden any time soon and wont be able to dine at Fäviken I will cook something nice, being inspired from the book and then tell you all about it.  Until them I am going to browse through the book and have a glass of some very fine wine and a slice of cheese.  Happy days.