Christmas countdown …19 – Christmas cookies, the perfect cookie dough?

by soffiagudrun

I was browsing the internet today looking for nothing in particular when I stumbled up on a website with the cutest cookies ever.  The funny thing being,  I posted the Charlie Brown video yesterday and since I love Charlie Brown I love those cookies.

So today I am sharing with you what I found online.  First of all the awesome decoration of the Charlie Brown cookies, don´t you just love them?


(recipe and image found at

Then, I have been browsing around for a cookie dough and I saw this image…


(recipe and image found at

…It looks so good, almost too good to be true.  Since , yes, lots of food photography is fake and you never know if it´s really this nice set of cookies or just maybe porcelain cookies or something.  But I am sure this is not fake, the lady behind the website seems to be a VERY talented baker. You can find the recipe for the dough  here.

Anyways, I have not tried this recipe but I am going to.  I decided to share this with you before I tried it because I thought it was so cute to find the cookies with Snoopy and co and maybe this recipe would be nice for that kind of deco.

Now we are talking about day 5.  Only 19 days until we officially start celebrating here in Iceland.  If you celebrate on the 25th you have to add a day or maybe just do it the Icelandic style this year and make Christmas Eve the night you eat the nice food and  open all the presents.

Our “Christmas Eve” is on the Des. 23.  That´s the evening when lots of people go downtown for a drink and last minute shopping.  The shopping street down town is filled with people, it´s very nice and festive to go for a walk and have a drink or two that night.

That is also the evening many people put up the Christmas tree and decorate it, at least it has been a tradition in my family. It was always so much fun to wake up on the 24th and go look at the tree all lit up and looking lovely.  I will  go on with that tradition for my kids, and they can help me decorate it.


My girl was almost two years old last year and she and her friend helped decorate.  They had never done it before but it came so natural to them, almost like it´s in our genes now to decorate trees : )


Day 5