Christmas Countdown …18 – Salmon with soy, ginger and cilantro

by soffiagudrun

I like cute homemade Christmas ornaments.  Here is a very nice printable for making snowflakes.

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This is a really nice dish, a great starter and would be perfect to bring to a Christmas party.  You can make the dressing a head and then mix it with the salmon about 30 minutes or an hour before serving so you don´t overcook it in the juice.


  • Juice from a lemon
  • Juice from an orange
  • Soy sauce
  • Fresh ginger
  • Fresh chili
  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Very fresh salmon, to be eaten raw

Chop the ginger, chili and cilantro rather fine.  Mix it with the juice from fresh orange and lemon and the soy.  Keep in fridge until you mix it with the salmon.  Cut the salmon in bite sizes.  Mix with the juice-dressing and let it “cook” for at least 30 minutes.

I once kept it, the salmon in the juice-dressing,  in the fridge overnight.  It was good, the salmon was more firm though.  The less time you keep the salmon in the juice the less cooked it gets.  (same as ceviche)


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