Christmas Count Down …16

by soffiagudrun

Tomorrow is 2nd of advent. That´s a good day to spend in the kitchen or doing something nice for Christmas, make gifts with the kids or nice Christmas ornaments.  Plenty to do and it doesn´t have to cost much, it´s more about spending time together …awww.  Sweet, right? But true.  (This is my second red wine glass talking…)

I was browsing pinterest, that place is full of nice Ideas.  I came a cross this one just a minute ago and wanted to post it because I think it´s cute and easy to do.  If you have smaller gifts it could also me nice to make little snowman.



(Here is the link to the original post from the website

Where we live in the country we have a forest close by.  Every year people can come there and cut their own trees for Christmas.  I guess we will be going next weekend.  We went last year and it had snowed so much that we sank in the snow up to waist sometimes.  It was a great time and this is now a family tradition.


We went with our friends from next door.  They came, 2 minutes later they found a tree.  But me, I was running around…that tree…no, that tree…no wait, maybe that tree…until I had to make a decision… I saw a tree it looked good from one side but the other…not so nice.  But it was charming, not perfect but charming. It looked real and I loved it.  I will try to find a photo of it after I decorated it and post tomorrow , I found this one from the outside…It was a big tree, almost 3 meters.


(Still building the house…this was a year ago)

Day 8 and my moms birthday so off I go to a birthday party, have a great weekend!