Christmas Count Down …15 – Greek Yogurt for Dessert

by soffiagudrun

I am a day drinker, I find it a lot more fun to have a drink or two with lunch rather than drinking during the evening and then go straight to bed.  I am also usually in bed very early and I am up early so for that reason, I don´t drink after dinner.

It was a Sunday, what to do on a Sunday?  Hmmm, perfect day for a little day drinking. We met some  friends at 3 o´clock, opened a bottle of wine  and started cooking and sipping on good wines,more cooking and eating all day,lots of  fancy little starter plates. Why always meet up late and stay up late?

We took turns in making food. My friend made the  first dish and it was  awesome, well just like the rest of it.  But way to start a good cooking day.  I told you about that dish already.   It was the salmon with the orange soy dressing.


We also made made quinoa patties, bean dip with fresh mozzarella, a steak cooked to perfection and we ended the fiesta with a light dessert.  Light and simple.  It was made with Greek yogurt.  If you have kids, this is a perfect dessert because it´s tasty and healthy.

greek yogurt

Greek yogurt with berries and mint

  • Greek yogurt
  • Good quality maple syrup or Honey
  • Berries, we had blue berries and craw berries
  • Fresh mint

Mix the syrup (or honey) with the yogurt.  Put it in a nice individual bowl, decorate with berries and fresh mint.

Day 9…