Pizza – Everything you need to know about making the best pizza sauce – Part II

by soffiagudrun

We already talked about the crust, what you need to get the best pizza crust.  It is meaningless to have this great crust if you don´t have a good sauce : )

Before I talk about the sauce I am going to name the most important things in making the best crust.

  • Good flour
  • Pinch the dough instead of rolling it
  • Preheat oven, highest setting and finish the baking on grill
  • Bake at high heat for the shortest time possible
  • Bake the pizza on a hot, preheated pan.  (put the dough on the pan before you put on rest of ingredients)
  • Keep the pizza as close to the grill element as possible

Here is Pizza – Everything you need to know about making the best crust – Part I

Now let´s talk sauce!

  • Few quality ingredients
  • Fresh basil
  • Roasted tomatoes
  • Little bit of garlic

You have to have good tomatoes.  If you will not be roasting your own but using canned, buy the organic more expensive quality ones that are free of added sugar or anything  else and with real tomato flavor.


Tomato sauce

  • Roasted tomatoes, without the skin
  • Few cloves roasted garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Fresh basil
  • Very good Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Take the skin off by cutting an X on top of them and  putting them in boiling water for 20 sec, that way the skin goes off easily.

Cut them in half and put them on a parchment paper. Pour some very good olive oil over them and little bit of salt and pepper.  Roast them for couple of hours on low heat.  Throw in few whole garlic for roasting as well.

Put them in a blender with some fresh basil.  Add more oil if needed.

Let´s see…

Fresh tomatoes or can of good organic chopped/whole tomatoes , not diced because they usually have the skin on.

Roast the tomatoes if you are using fresh ones.

A good quality olive oil is rarely available in a supermarket.  Got to a gourmet stores you can trust.

Fresh basil!  FRESH FRESH FRESH.

Now we know what to do for a good sauce.  Next time we will talk about the toppings.