The House by the Sea


Hello! Welcome.   I am an Artist and Illustrator from Iceland. I love everything about food. That´s how and why this all started. And I´m so lucky to have a husband who loves my cooking but also loves to cook for me.  I graduated from Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2001, specialized in printmaking.  After graduation, I travelled a lot and have lived in different places,  Spain, Denmark, Canada and of course Iceland.  I studied Multimedia and Animation. I have had quite a few Art Exhibitions here in Iceland and abroad.  Today I live in the countryside where I have had the best time of my life with my husband and 2 children who own my heart and soul.


I have been building a house in the country, by the sea.  There I can enjoy all my hobbies, grow my own garden, relax in a beautiful surrounding with my family, watch the ocean while browsing through magazines about food and homes, decorate my home the way I like it and last but not least, have guests over and cook for them.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it gets more and more like a kitchen.  First, it was very empty with a little stove on the floor and old desk for a table.  But no matter how raw it was, we always managed to cook nice meals.


Now my kitchen is finally starting to look like I want it to be.  I have been browsing through lots of magazines and websites to get Ideas.  Finally I know what kind of look I am after.  For those who like to see, I have a mood board on Pinterest

"hafið bláa"

I was reading an article in Country Living.  The columnist lives in the country and everything she writes about is so romantic, the local pub, the rooster´s “wake up call”, good neighbours, local food ect. I started envying her and thought about how nice it would be to live like that and started visualizing.  I could visualize this too easily.  That´s when I figured it out….wait…this is how I live.

I live in a beautiful house in the country with my wonderful family, by the sea.


We don´t have a rooster but we used to have few hens.  And to the hens, I took all my food leftovers, so I never worried about throwing away food.  And Instead, I got fresh, free-range, organic eggs.


Above the road live our friends, the farmers, they have a beef farm.  There I can get the best beef in the worlds, local.  Some times we cook together lovely meals and have a glass of red wine.

If we want to go to the pub, we don´t have to go far. There, our neighbours meet for all kind of occasions.  The farmers and the people around us are good at making fun and festive food events.  Not too bad for a foodie like myself.


Below the house, in the sea is fresh and kicking mussels, haddock and cod.  The berries grow all around us in fall and our vegetable garden is in bloom during summer.


This was our boat by the dock for fishing and fun.


And nothing beats the beach we have.  It has warm sand, natural geothermal from the earth.  And the hot tub there, made of rocks from the beach is also hot from geothermal.  We have had so many good times there in the midnight sun or the starry,  starry night in the winter.


And again, I have a beautiful kitchen with lots of space to entertain my friends from the city who come for a “bed & breakfast”.

CHEERS!   Soffía